How to Remove Carpet Odor

While carpets are relatively easy to vacuum in order to remove the surface dirt, odors are another matter entirely. This is because the odor causing materials are often found deep down in the carpet right down to the padding. Removing the odors effectively will depend in large part on the cause and the amount of smell that they are creating.

However, removing the odors from your carpet generally does not require anything expensive or exotic. All you really need is a few common household items which will remove most of the odors. Here are a few steps you should take in order to remove the odors from your carpeting.

Air Out the Room

Open up the windows and turn on the fan over the carpeted area that is giving off the odors. If the odor is light the source of it may dry up and blow away with a little airing out of the room. If that doesn’t do the trick or the odor is coming from a stronger source, then you’ll want to take the next step.


You may have run the vacuum before over this area, but you will want to try it at a deeper level to see if what is causing the odor can be pulled up by your vacuum cleaner. You’ll want to use a stronger vacuum if you can and really go over the area to see if that has any effect. If your pet has been shedding their hair along the area, this may clear it out along with the odor as well. However, if the smell is still persistent then you’ll want to break out a common household cleaner.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can do quite a few things and removing odors is one of them. Sprinkle the area where the odor is coming from with the baking soda and use a brush or a broom to get it into the carpet fibers. Once it disappears, you’ll want to add some more baking soda on top and then let it sit there for up to 48 hours. During that time, whatever is causing the odors to occur is going to be soaked up by the baking soda. After a couple of days, you can vacuum up the area and that should take care of the odor issue. However, if for some reason the odor is still present you can try another approach.


Vinegar is in some ways the opposite of baking soda, but it is also a powerful cleanser as well. If the carpet odor is deep, you’ll want to apply a fair amount of vinegar, but you don’t want to soak the carpet. Let it sit for around 30 minutes so that the vinegar can really get at the odor causing agents. Then, blot up the vinegar with a cloth and spray on some water to help the process along. The vinegar will cause its own smell, but that should go away fairly quickly and it should take away the smell. However, if that does not do the trick, then you have one final trick up your sleeve.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Since this may damage your carpet, just use a tiny amount at first to see what happens. Then, if it does no damage use it the same way you did the vinegar.
If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the professionals and have them deal with the smell.

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