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Oriental rug cleaning in NY

The oriental rugs are mostly made of wool and are mostly hand-woven of handmade

The men and women who were involved in designing this unique art craft were hardworking .the oriental rugs required utmost skill and hardwork.The process for completing a single oriental rugs involves painstaking procedure. The main purpose of using the oriental rugs are either to use as flooring or used to hung up on the walls.

Oriental rug cleaning in NY

Every time we think of oriental rugs it reminds us carpet made of thick material

The oriental rugs originated in Asia and the Middle East part of the world. A single oriental rug can cost you a fortune. These are extremely expensive piece and therefore should be handled with utmost care.
There are many families in New York which prides in possessing some of the rarest piece of Oriental rug. Prior to yester days the availability of the Oriental rug has decreased .In present days it is indeed very difficult to find hand woven Oriental rug.

The Oriental rug cleaning should not be done on regular basis

Since the materials with which these rugs are made of are extremely delicate therefore regular washing or dry cleaning might have an adverse affect on the material. We at USA-CARPETS.COM always recommend sending the rugs to the professional cleaners. The USA-CARPETS.COM is a well known name in the world of rug and carpet cleaning. There are few companies that are eligible to provide high quality service similar to USA-CARPETS.COM.

Since the oriental rugs are extremely expensive therefore at USA-CARPETS.COM always advise our clients to do proper research about the origination who will be handling the carpet. The proper method of cleaning the oriental rugs helps in green & organic cleaning, healthy home environment.

Apart from professional handling we at USA-CARPETS.COM always recommend vacuuming of the carpet at least once a month. The dust and the dirt gets accumulate don the surface of the rug in case it experiences sufficient traffic. However we do not recommend exposing such valuable item to direct sunlight.

In case of minute stains or spots you can use cold water and light detergent to remove the stain immediately. We also recommend the use of shampoo for Oriental rug cleaning in NY; the shampoo is not harsh and therefore will not have any adverse affect on the Oriental rug. However in case the stain or the spot does not get removed in spite of repeated attempt we at Oriental rug cleaning in NY Recommend you to hire a professional cleaner.

The rubbing of the stain will not solve any problem

Though the stain might get disappeared for sometime but returns within days. Instead this stain seeps deep inside the fiber and makes a permanent impact on the rug, therefore the concept of rubbing the stain is not a good idea. The rug will get soiled instead of eradicating the spot. Another secret for Oriental rug cleaning in NY is we always suggest our clients to roll the Oriental rug when not in use. The folding might create unwanted marks on the centre part of the rugs.

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