Carpet Restoration in NY

Carpet Restoration in NY

Green & organic cleaning

The carpet restoration in NY is done mainly when a carpet is not taken due care and it detoriate due to negligence. We at USA-CARPETS.COM do not advise our customers to purchase new carpets when the old one wears off. The USA-CARPETS.COM understands and values the expenditure that a client does on a carpet. A good quality carpet costs a fortune therefore it is not reasonable to throw it within a few years. One of the main aims for carpet restoration is to provide green & organic cleaning, healthy home.

Carpet Restoration in NY

The carpet restoration in NY is essential because of manhandling and keeping a carpet unclean for a considerable period of time

The carpet restoration in NY begins with vacuuming the dirt from the carpet. The tiny dirt that settles down in the carpets are sand particles and grits. This dirt have sharp edges that cuts through the fibers and creates tiny holes in the carpets .The patches occur on carpet handling huge traffic on a daily basis .If this situation continues for a prolonged period you will need to change the carpets within few years.
While you start the process of carpet restoration in NY you must begin with vacuum cleaning. Though the vacuum machines create huge noise but are effective in removing the dirt from the carpets. The nozzles go deeper into the carpet and helps in extracting the unwanted dirt within a short period of time.

We at USA-CARPETS.COM always begin carpet restoration in NY with a professional and well recommended vacuum cleaner. We always use the vacuum with the water basin as they help in better cleaning of the carpet. This kind of vacuum cleaner though wet yet does not leave the carpet muddy.

The second part of carpet restoration in NY is the identification of the stains and necessary steps to remove the stains

Prior to stain removal we at USA-CARPETS.COM consider certain important criteria. The first and foremost task is to identify the kind of stain and secondly the kind of material used to manufacture the carpet.

The raw material plays a vital role in determining the kind of stain removal chemical to be used. The carpets that are made of wool will require different treatment compared to the one made of synthetic materials. We at USA-CARPETS.COM do not recommend bleaching as they have an adverse affect on the carpet. The blood stains or other kind of organic stains will require solution that contains protease. This is an enzyme that breaks down the proteins. In case of dark mark we at USA-CARPETS.COM suggest series of spot treatments with strong removing product

Many uses the soap or detergent during carpet restoration in NY

However you must ensure that after the cleaning process the residue of the soap water or detergents should be removed from the surface of the carpet.

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