Green Carpet Care

Green Carpet Care in NY

The green carpet care is probably the best way to keep your carpet and rug healthy and long lasting

Green Carpet Care in NY

The key aim behind green carpet care is to save our planet. The atmosphere of this planet is saturated with toxics and harmful chemicals. Therefore it is very important that we as the inhabitants of this planet take essential care to maintain the environment. Every single contribution will help you to create a better world. However to begin with you can avoid using the product that can endanger the environment. This I s one of the key reasons why we at USA-CARPETS.COM always recommend green carpet care .The green carpet care in NY help in creating green & organic cleaning, healthy home.

To begin with you can make a regular habit of vacuuming the carpet area

The majority of the detergents used for carpet cleaning contains harmful ingredients like the perchloroethylene .This is a harmful chemical and can damage your carpet on regular usage. The naphthalene is another key ingredient for carpet cleaning. This particular composition has negative effect on our RBC.

Apart from damaging our RBC the naphthalene is also responsible for creating nausea, dizziness and irritation to our respiratory organs .The children and the pets are most susceptible to this chemicals and their side effect. Thus if you aim for green carpet care in NY you should begin by discarding this harmful ingredients

The children and the pets spend maximum time on the carpet

It is always possible that your kid pours some glue on the carpet .In majority cases we use the harsh chemical to rub the mark off instead of using the cloth to blot it. However if you follow the green carpet care in NY we USA-CARPETS.COM suggest you to use a solution of water and vinegar .Once the solution is ready you can wet a clean piece of cloth with the solution and place it on the mark. In case you find the mark to be too stubborn you can use hot vinegar and apply it on the mark. You can leave the mark for 20 minutes then scrap the solution away. The marks will vanish within second!!

Another method for green care carpet in NY is to apply little amount of cornmeal and then allow the cornmeal to settle down for some minutes .After 5 minutes you can use the solution of water and vinegar to remove the stain,

In majority instances we spend fortune to keep our carpet clean

However we overlook some of the most effective ingredients that are available in our home.
The paper towels are the most convenient tool that can be used for removing the marks .The paper towels are mostly used for drying our hands and removing the dirt form our face. The paper towel can be your best friend as they can be considered for removing the stain from the carpet. However the method is not rubbing rather placing the paper towel over the mark and let the stain get absorb into the towel.

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