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Tapestry Cleaning in NY

The tapestries are patterned cloth with different pictures

Tapestry Cleaning in NYThe cloth is either woven or stitched. The materials with which the tapestry is designed are either silk or wool.Thereofore it can be easily understood that the tapestry are usually very expensive material. In early days the tapestry was mostly available in woven formed. However with the modernization of modern technology we find tapestry designed with the help of machines. The wall tapestries are among the favorite interior decoration item used by many in New York. Since these tapestries are hanged in the wall and remains in the same position for a considerable period of time.Thereofore it is likely that minute dust and dirt particles are likely to collect on this tapestry. In order to keep these tapestries shinning all throughout the year it is important that you being the owner of the tapestry take regular measures and attempts to keep it clean.

The USA-CARPETS.COM is a well known name in the world rug and carpet cleaning industry

They are considered as the pro working for more than decades. There are many individual working under USA-CARPETS.COM and are specialized in tapestry cleaning in NY.We at USA-CARPETS.COM make every attempt to educate our clients and customers regarding the tapestry cleaning in NY.We try to make them aware of the different materials and correct method for cleaning the tapestry.

Be it a hand woven tapestry or a machine spun tapestry, these are very valuable possession of every family. There are many individual who has a passion of collecting the tapestry. The majority of the tapestry as discussed is made up of either silk or wool. These materials are very expensive and are hard to find. Therefore when you own such antique art craft it is reasonable that adequate care and maintainece is taken.

We at USA-CARPETS.COM never encourage our client to hand wash the tapestry at home

Neither do we recommend manual wash of the tapestry product. The inexperienced hand tends to spoil such antique pieces. Moreover the USA-CARPETS.COM always recommends the tapestry cleaning in NY only through well known cleaning houses and organization.

The popular method Tapestry Cleaning in NY is the vacuum cleaner

We at USA-CARPETS.COM use high quality vacuum cleaner and brush for Tapestry Cleaning in NY.Apart from using the vacuum cleaner we at USA-CARPETS.COM also suggest the use of light detergent. However we do not recommend over rubbing of the delicate areas. The tapestry can have an antique and faded look if the light detergent is used on regular basis.

The wet tapestry according to USA-CARPETS.COM should not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight instead we keep it hanging in the shady area. This way the moisture shades odd leaving the tapestry dry without weakening the fiber.

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