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Tile Cleaning Tips | USA Carpets

Tile Cleaning Tips

Tile is a popular choice for the kitchen and bathroom because it is easy to maintain and resists moisture. Also, tile is a very popular choice for the entranceways to the home as well since the incoming dirt from floor traffic is easier to clean away than with carpet.

However, while the tile itself can be brushed and mopped to maintain its shine, the grout that holds the tile together will become dingy and collect dust, dirt and debris as well. Cleaning out the grime that collects in the grout as well takes a little more effort, but it can be accomplished if you follow a few simple tips.

Brush away all Dirt

First, you will need to use a broom to clear away all the dirt and debris that has built up on the floor. Next, you will want to vacuum along the baseboards to ensure that you get any trapped dirt that may have been found along the sides. Finally, set your vacuum to its lowest setting and use it on the tile itself to pick up any loose dirt that might have escaped your broom.

Hot Water & Vinegar

You’ll want to mix equal parts of hot water and vinegar and start mopping. You’ll want to concentrate on the grout when mopping across the floor. Have another bucket of plain water ready to rinse the floor once you are done with the hot water and vinegar solution. Vinegar will help root out much of the dingy appearance in the grout and get at some of the darker areas as well. Plus, it will help to brighten your tile as well. Be sure to let it fully dry before you start walking on it.

Ammonia for Wax Buildup

If your tile has a wax buildup it will start to turn yellow over time. However, you can easily remove that buildup if you mix 1 cup of ammonia with a ½ gallon of water and mop over the tile. Let it set for a few minutes and then scrub the area with a plastic or nylon scouring pad which will take up all the old wax. Be sure to rinse the floor afterwards with plain water as well. Plus, the ammonia will destroy any mildew that has built up on your tile floor.

Remove Black Heel Marks

There are a number of ways you can remove black heel marks starting with your own tennis shoes. An old trick used by custodians is to simply use the bottom of their tennis shoes to take up the black marks. However, you can also use a pencil eraser to do the same thing or pour just a little bit of lighter fluid on a paper towel and that will remove the toughest of black marks.

For really tough stains you can use steel wool to clear away any black marks or dig into the grout that has turned dingy as well. Remember to be careful as steel wool can scratch the tile surface, so be sure to moisten the wool first and then rub it gently on the grout.

You can also contact the professionals at USA Carpets if you have any tile stains or other floor cleaning issues that need to be handled

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